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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION supports, educational and wellness institutions in urban and rural areas in different regions of the country. Our objective is to help improve the quality of education and wellbeing of children and youth in preschool, primary, and technical carreers.

Members of the Board of Directors conduct annual follow-up visits and evaluate the institutions and sponsored projects.


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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION supports scholarships for elementary, middle, high school and technical carreers through the sponsor plan. Currently he is giving 250 school scholarships to 7 institutions located throughout Colombia.

Our programs also provide children and adolescents books, uniforms and school supplies.



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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION asupports the following activities as part of the Educational Enrichment and Experiences Program:

  • Pedagogical field trips
  • Tutoring
  • Globalization (conference knowing countries)
  • Art
  • Computer systems
  • English
  • Photography
  • Books and study texts
  • Toy library
  • Special equipment for visual and auditory stimulation for blind and deaf children.


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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION supports Fundación Canto por la Vida (Ginebra, Valle). The program offers music training to elementary, middle and high school students in rural schools in the Ginebra and Buga areas. Students graduate from the program with a certificate in Classical Musical. Read more click here

It also supports the Lutheria School, teaching elementary school children to build and play guitar. In addition, the program supports music, theater and recreational activities workshops.


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Donations of educational clothes, toys and games are sent annually to , kindergartens, pediatric wards, and primary schools in urban and rural areas. These donations have been sent to more than 30 cities in Colombia through foundations selected by COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION


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Every year COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION supports the celebration of Christmas in the following institutions:

  • Fundación Paz y Bien (Barrio Agua Blanca-Cali), with the participation of more than 350 families
  • CALIDRIS Association (environment and fauna protection) for rural communities in the Pacific islands, La Esmeralda (Jamundí) and Guajira with the participation of more than 200 families.


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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION The FUNDEHI Foundation in Cazuca (Cundinamarca) prepares and distributes food in El Arroyo Children's Garden Dining Room. Through nutrition fund donations, daily lunches are provided to 40 elementary students throughout the school year.

Program of the Rotary Ladies of Medellín. Colombia Progresa Corporation financed two editions of a soy-based food recipe book. Colegio Parroquial San Carlos Borromeo (Cali), donation of a complete set of electrical appliances to prepare lunches and snacks for 300 students.

Thanks to a special Christmas donation, nutritional groceries were delivered to 700 families in the Terrón Colorado neighborhood in Cali.


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COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION apoya a la Fundación la Divina Providencia en Cali, cuyo propósito es brindar hospedaje, alimentación y educación a pacientes menores de 18 años no residentes en Cali, que están en control medico periódico por tener cancer o necesitar un trasplante de órganos. 

COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION construyo dos residencias y dono la mayoría de la dotación para alojar a 60 pacientes y al padre o madre de cada paciente. Durante su estadía, la Fundación, tiene un programa de educación para los pacientes en tratamiento con el fin de no atrasarse en el estudio debido a su prolongada estadía.  Conozcá mas haciendo clic acá