Thank you for helping us build a better world for the children of Colombia.

We appreciate your enormous generosity for contributing to the progress of our next generation. Thanks to donations in money, in kind and the time donated by volunteers, we contribute to the education and well-being of Colombian children and youth.

Donations delivered to COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION in the United States are tax deductible for which we issued a certificate with our IRS ID EIN 14-1860461. For all donations, we issue the required Form T-24 for tax deduction.

100% of your monetary donation is invested in the programs that we support in Colombia.



Send the check payable to COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION and mail it to the following address:

6201 Yorkshire Terrace, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

Equivalent funds program  (Matching Funds):


Program in which the company where the donor works makes a contribution equivalent to the donation made by the employee. For more information contact Beatriz Fernández,


Amazon Smile:


How to buy with AmazonSmile and donate to COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION

1. Visit
2. Start shopping with your ID
3. Choose COLOMBIA PROGRESA CORPORATION to receive donations
4. ¡Start shopping!

 If you have any questions please contact us

USA +1 (301) 704 4032
CO +57 (310) 346 9506